Our  Snack vending machines may be installed free of charge, or incur a charge depending on site conditions. See our terms and conditions or call 0333 207 6770 for more information.

We provide a wide range of rental, lease and purchase options for our coffee and vending solutions contact us for more information.

  • 5 Year Lease*

  • 3 Year Lease*

* We provide a wide range of rental, lease and purchase options for our snack machines contact us for more information. All prices given are subject to status, eligibility and our terms and conditions. For further information please contact us.

Samba Touch Vending Machine

With Samba Touch, access to products and information is easy and immediate, using a simple, intuitive and
interactive interface. The touch screen makes it possible to browse through the products on sale, and buy multiple
items in a single transaction, through the ‘basket’ feature. Products are also grouped into categories to make
browsing for your item easier. For each product, you can also select a screen which contains nutritional information.
The operator can tailor deals to specific locations - as well as setting up discounts based on the quantity of
products in the basket. The food version also has a softvend elevator as standard. This additional feature makes
sure any food items are vended in a delicate manner, so they are received in perfect condition. Samba Touch takes
vending to the next level: it is a more flexible vending machine, able to interact quickly with the customer.

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